FROM RICH EDWARDS>>> It's so refreshing to hear fellow brothers in Christ. I live in Oregon on the west coast. My hope is to someday travel and hear pastor Bob's sermon in person. The Holy Spirit led me to His videos...and it helped keep my life from suicide. Please give my thanks to pastor Bob that Jesus is doing great work thru your ministry.

Stephanie  I had been wanting to go back to church but I am pretty much home bound
and it is very hard for me to get out. Then I found Pastor Bob and he has helped lead me back to the Lord.
There is such a peace in my heart now that I had been missing before. I love to turn the TV off and listen
to his sermons. God Bless Him.

Brenda  I have to agree with everyone.Pastor Bob you have been a big inspiration to me.Thanks for sharing.


Mary Ann  For a very long time I have been praying and asking God to lead me to a good Christian Church where I'd be accepted just as I am. Nothing fancy as I'm not the "well dressed" type. I just wanted to go to a good old, down home, old fashioned church where people go to hear the true word of God and love each other. Where they love the gospel and not gossip! Well here I am! He showed me the way! I found you by accident, but in reality it wasn't an accident at all! God bless you Pastor Bob!

Judy Pearl  I've never met anyone who has been so Anointed from such an early age. God Bless you & everyone who hears & sees you.

Ron  PASTOR BOB...your words and songs have helped to put me back on the right path...GOD BLESS YOU!


Susan L.  Thank you for sharing that. It just goes to show that you don't need a Mega Church to do mega things. Jesus fed the multitude with a a few loaves of bread and a few fish. Nothing is impossible with God and if it is his will you will fill huge venues and speak to them as well. A little church can do mighty things. May God continue to Bless you.

Dee   God has perfect timing.
Your ministry was perfectly synchronized to come into full bloom once the Internet was fully up & running!
The "Household of faith" in Arkansas is your pulpit, but, the World is your Church! Dee L. - England!

Donna Sue You are a TRUE blessing to many of us who don't have a church home . Now I do !! You preach with such passion and honesty . And when you get to laughing , like you did in last Sundays sermon about , do you think JESUS whispered to the masses of people .... and your congregation was laughing with you , I was laughing with yall !! You make it soooo easy to UNDERSTAND and fun at the same time . When you get to smiling ..... I and my heart smiles right along with you !  YOU , my dear PASTOR BOB , are a TRUE BLESSING FROM GOD !

Vickie C.  I am so grateful for you an your ministry. I get totally engrossed in your sermons an they stick with me all
Week. I always listen to the weekly sermon several times an get something new every time. I Thank God for you everyday. Thank you Pastor Bob for all you do to bring the Lords word to us.


Barbara M.  God Bless you, your sermons are so dear to me. You bring back the preaching I grew up on, and I can always relisten at any time. it is so hard for me to attend church the way I was use to and your weekly messages bring me joy and then I can search you tube and just listen to good old gospel. I pray for joy, contentment and much happiness in your life,

Kathy Juanita   I started under your ministry about month or so ago .I never heard anyone preach the word in a way I could really understand.But when I started listening to you I could actually minister on what you preached..I really am touched by the way you God has anointed you..The way you express your love for the Lord is such a gift..When I listen and watch you I feel God is speaking directly to me..I will always pray for you and your family and House Hold of Faith..Maybe one day I can come to Benton Ark,..Im in fort worth texas so I know it's not that far..lol..I also am blessed to hear you sing..MAY GOD BREATHE ON ALL .With the love of Christ..Kathy Juanita


John J.   I enjoy your sermons I can get on the internet and you tube. I also enjoy your music. Hope to visit your church one day soon. I live in Nicholasville, Ky.

Victoria W.  Sure enjoy the sermons and the music it is priceless such an inspiration so may you continue to be blessed in your work for our precious Savior

Angela D.   God Bless you and your family Pastor Bob! God has blessed you to carry his message to all of us. Your words and songs are an inspiration to me on so many levels.