Pastor Bob Joyce

My Life

When I was born, my mother took me to church and the pastor looked at me and said, "one day this child will preach the gospel." All of my childhood years growing up in church, there were many people who spoke over me the word of the Lord, saying one day I would preach the gospel and the Lord would anoint me to sing and do wonderful things for Him. People I never met or had never seen me before, would point me out of a crowd and say the same things. I couldn't begin to say how many over the years. Personally, I've had dreams of preaching and ministering even in foreign countries. Once, at prayer with my mother, I heard the Lord tell me that I would preach one day in Japan. Of all places, I thought. I've seen the Lord bless people in Africa and France in dreams. And it seems, that what was said and what He showed me, is coming true. Over the internet and now, on a world wide short wave radio station, the Lord has opened the doors for many to hear the gospel all over this nation and literally around the world. I hear from folks every day with testimonies of God intervening in their lives. I am amazed and humbled by all of this. That God chose to use a small ministry like this to minister to so many. I am grateful and so very thankful for what He is doing. God bless each and everyone of you who listen in on this page. My prayer is that you will find true and lasting inspiration in the Lord and that God will richly bless you in every way and give you every good thing in Him.