Celebration of Life

 Leslie Eugene Newsom

January 11, 1943  -  June 28, 2018


Gene's legacy was formed at a very early age. Gene and his brothers, Larry Newsom and Rev Gerald Newsom, were taught good Christian morals and faith and to always reach out a hand to help the needy.

Their father, Leslie Earl Newsom was retired hotel and restaurant inspector and also owned a number of food establishments in Dyersburg including Coffee Cup, Chuck Wagon, Sandwich Shop and Newsom's Cafe and Grocery.  Perhaps his most important contribution was Commander of the Disabled American Veterans of Tennessee.  He was given the Dyersburg Distinguished Service Award and the Dyersburg-Dyer County Action Award.  for 31 years he was the founder of a program providing shoes for the needy children of Dyersburg, sponsored by Woodmen of the World.  It is estimated that more than 20,000 pairs of shoes have been given to needy children through 
this project. 

The Dyersburg Courthouse honored Mr. Newsom with a framed picture hung in a prominent location in the Courthouse and he has received nationwide awards for his work.   And all the time teaching his sons how to reach out and help those in need.

Gene's experience grew rapidly in spite of contracting polio at 10 years old.  He learned everything about the food business moving up from manager to executive positions with Shakey's Pizza, Po Folks, Wellingtons. He developed superior knowledge in advertising - the best way to use and get folks attention. He was an inventor - always developing easier ways for the disabled to perform tasks.  He even got into law enforcement as a fugitive recovery agent to help get the bail jumpers off the streets.

When his brother Rev. Gerald became bedridden, Gene set up a weekly radio program called 'THE SOUNDS OF 
JOY",he not only selected and played the music, but also was the radio announcer.  He became friends with many gospel singers and quartets, who would donate their time to come to Dyersburg during Christian conventions.

As his health weakened he turned to Facebook, and has developed many pages for friends to start their
own business to have extra income.

But his greatest heart's desire was to spread the Word of God to as many people around the world.  He was always assisting preachers and helping them get their sermons out to spread the Good News.

Some of his accomplishments included a GFM for Disabled American Vets
Hillbilly Swap and Shop (47,791 members to date)
Helping Hands of Illinois
Helping Hands of Florida
Helping Hands of Missouri
Helping Hands of Kentucky
Helping Hands of Mississippi
Helping Hands National (for loved ones that might be in other states)
He very carefully picked good Christians to assist in running these pages and he was so proud
of them for their devotion.

In 2013, Gene created a Prayer page entitled Prayer Warriors of America, then changed to Prayer Warriors of the World.   To date, there are 8,541 members from all over the world posting for prayer.  Intercessors are standing by to pray with people.

On August 20, 2016, Gene developed a page for Pastor Bob Joyce - with his permission - HOUSEHOLD OF FAITH MINISTRIES.  TO DATE, THERE ARE 16,156 members and counting daily.  He also developed a website,  https://Household of Faith Ministries.org for people who have no access to Facebook or social media.  

This was Gene's heart: Our internet church is for the shut-ins,elderly, and those who cannot openly practice their religion.  To date, 22,350 people from almost every country have found this site and many have sent emails having been converted to Christ.

Gene's brother, Larry, is carrying on the family tradition and is assisting his friend of 35 years, Bishop J L Beard Jr.   He is Pastor, Founder at Praise And Deliverance Temple New Pentecostal Church in Ripley, Tennessee, and has a  beautiful new church (the old one burned to the ground) and was recently elected No. 2 position of the Pentecostal Church across the United States.

Godly preachers such as Pastor Bob Joyce, Bishop J.L.Beard Jr,  and Ivan Tuttle who is reviving Miracle Valley,
(AA Allen's ministry),and the Word of God will spread as a revival.

Final celebration has not been finalized by Gene's daughter, Jacquelyn Vinson.  As soon as plans are completed,
she will let everyone know.  Gene has  3 beautiful children and 7 beautiful grandchildren.

We are very sad at losing Gene, his talents, his intelligence, and his love, but are so happy that he has no more suffering and pain.  

LESLIE EUGENE NEWSOM has completed the assignment God gave him and it is WELL DONE.

The passing of Gene has seemed to come so sudden. I know he must have suffered for a long time, but I don't think anyone was ready for him to go home. But our times are in God's hands and I believe that Gene is with the Lord in blissful peace. His work for God is over, the fight is finished and the race is run. Now, the prize is before him. God comfort the heart of his wife and family with the comfort that only God can give. We all feel the loss of loved ones, but it is heaven's gain. Thank you Gene for all that you did for Household of Faith. May many souls be won to the kingdom, and many be blessed, making every effort never in vain.

Pastor Joyce